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Surplus Facilities

Listed below are facilities available for lease or sale because they no longer meet a particular agency’s needs. They are located in various areas throughout the State. Please contact the Statewide Leasing Manager for more information.

Facility AddressProperty SettingSale Parcel DescriptionEarnest MoneyDocumentsResponse Due
109 West 44th Street, Garden City, Idaho 83714Approximately 3 miles Northwest of downtown Boise one block south of State Highway 26 Chinden Boulevard at West 44th Street.±2.024 acres site consisting of two buildings and a covered open vehicle park pavilion totaling ±20,347 square feet. A certified check made payable to the Department of Administration, for $10,000, must accompany your bid submission.Invitation to Bid


A. December 3, 2020 – Appraisal Report, Langston Appraisal Report 20.2194i

Title Report
A. December 3, 2020 – Property Information Report, Title One Property Info 109 W 44th St

B. December 9, 2020 – Title One Preliminary Research Report

Department of Environmental Quality Report History
A. DEQ 3-010060 Closure Notice 01-21-1993

B. DEQ 2013BBL1587 LUST Site Assessment for Tank Closure 03-05-1993

C. DEQ 2013BBL1588 LUST Site Assessment Expanded 08-03-1993

Ada County Highway District License Agreement
A. ACHD 0532-2493-1212 – License Agreement – IDFG


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Historic Utility Costs
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