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How to Lease to the State

The state can represent an ideal tenant for your building. On many occasions, state agencies remain in their leased facilities for an extended period of time. Additionally, state agencies may be able to prepay their rent on an annual basis if a discount is provided. We recognize and appreciate the importance of the real estate and development community in providing our agencies with quality leased facilities.

We lease office space, warehouses, land, and specialty properties. All leases, including renewals, expansions, and lease modifications for state facilities must be negotiated and approved by the Division of Public Works under Idaho Code 67-5708. The state leases approximately 2.06 M square feet of space at an annual cost of more than $23,006,000.

The State Leasing Program (SLP) within the Division of Public Works (DPW) assists state agencies in developing their short- and long-term space needs. A Request For Proposal (RFP) is issued by this office for spaces 3,000 square feet and over. Proposals are ranked using criteria developed by the agency and by standards established by DPW. If the top ranked proposal meets the needs of the agency, negotiations take place with the lessor. If no acceptable proposals are received, this office, in conjunction with the agency, will search for alternative sites.

Once a lease is approved and the facility has been accepted by the agency for occupancy, coordination of all day-to-day matters resides with the agency. Please note that you must send an invoice to the agency for the rent.

Any leasing issues that would require any form of amendment to the lease must be referred to this office, including such items as lease estopppels or changes in the building’s ownership.

The State Board of Examiners must approve any lease assignments. Since the board meets monthly, it is essential that this office be provided advance notice of any impending changes.

The state leases space at a competitive market rate on a full-service basis. We require the use of our standard lease form, which includes an annual funding appropriation clause as required by state law. All buildings must conform to all existing local, state, and federal codes, including accessibility requirements by the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA). Leases can vary in length from one to five years, depending on the agency’s needs and economic factors. Leases over five years require special approval. Business terms within the lease are negotiable, but the standard language in the lease document cannot be amended. The State Leasing Manual addresses leasing and facility issues in depth.

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